npm install --save @vx/marker

A Marker is a line with a piece of text attached to it. It's great for highlighting locations in your graph.


marker example



Name Default Type Description
top 0 number The margin on top.
left 0 number The margin on the left.
from point The start point for the line.
to point The end point for the line.
stroke magenta string The color of the stroke for the line.
strokeWidth 2 number The width of the stroke for the line.
strokeDasharray array The pattern of dashes in the stroke.
fill string The color for the fill of the line.
transform string An SVG transform.
label string The text for the label.
labelAnchor left string The label's textAnchor
labelDx 0 number The x-coordinate shift to the label.
labelDy 0 number The y-coordinate shift to the label.
labelFill string The fill color for the label.
labelFontSize 10 number The font size for the label text.
labelStroke white string The color for the label's stroke.
labelStrokeWidth 3 number The width of the label's stroke.
labelPaintOrder stroke string The label's SVG paint-order.
className string The class name for the line.

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